Xinjiang cocoa Tuo Hai, No. three pit, God Zijin Mountain, Earl Keith Grand Canyon, Fuyun 3 days tour

The cocoa Tuhai scenic area and the cacao Tuhai National Geopark are located in Fuyun County, Aletai, northern Xinjiang. The scenic spots are mainly composed of the kacanjill earthquake fault belt, cocoa Suli, Yi Lei wood lake and the Grand Canyon. It integrates the natural scenery of the beautiful canyon Heyuan scenery, the marsh wetland landscape, the cold lake, the geological and mineral resources and so on. It combines the pastoral culture, the people's customs in the western regions, the folk customs and so on. View, tourist attractions, leisure holidays, special tourism (hiking, photography, etc.), scientific investigation and so on as the main characteristics of the national 4A level tourist attractions, the international original ecological tourism scenic spot.

First days Urumqi / cacao sea (one-way 550KM; driving around 8H)

Early designated time and place (the previous day notice) collection, ride along 216 National Road, through: Fire Mountain, Cara Mali hoofed area, the lucky words can see Huang, wild donkey, and national first level animal wild horse protected wild animals, and then visit the most beautiful Xinjiang landform of Idan [five color] It's a paradise for photographers and a sacred place for artists. After his lunch, kakuru went on to the khoto sea and visited the cocoa scenic area called "the cocoa scenic area", also known as the wild duck lake. Thousands of wild ducks, Hong Yan, and white swans were named in the breeding season. Reed in the lake is like a reed maze in Baiyangdian. It is a paradise for photography. After a distant view of the extreme cold of Yi Lei's arrival in Xinjiang, there are 7 months in winter, more than the snowfall in the northeast of Mohe County - CaCO Tuhai, the country of the famous gem of the Chinese colored industry. After visiting the people of the coco sea and the people of all Xinjiang, the Chinese people's pride and the Chinese people's merit - [three mine pit], the tantalum, niobium, beryllium and other metals and non-metallic minerals unearthed here have made outstanding contributions to the national space industry, the repayment of the state foreign debt, the breaking of the nuclear monopoly, and the later residence of the cocoa. Sea Hotel.

Lodging: CaCO sea


Second days cocoa Tuo Hai / Fuyun (one-way 60KM; driving around 1H)

After breakfast, we travel to the coco Sea National Geopark (about 3 hours) in the Grand Canyon. The scenic area is a scenic area characterized by large metamorphic granite geological features and Canyon natural scenery. The scenic area enjoys the scenery of birch forest, turtles greeting, grass garden, Golden Triangle and Shimen along the road. Point to visit the landmark scenic spot of the Altai mountains - the Zijin Mountain of God, the Wild Grape Valley, and reach the god elephant peak. Walking along the river on the river of the Er Qi River to the Grand Canyon is the best choice for hikers. Please do your best. Then go to Fuyun. After dinner, enjoy the cold water fish in the Er Qi Qi river. After free activities, you can enjoy Aletai roast mutton string or roast fish at your own expense.

Accommodation: Fuyun


Third days Fuyun / Urumqi (one-way 485KM; driving around 7H)

After breakfast, the bus returns along the 216 national road via qkurto and Kamusi multicoloured Bay. After lunch, you can visit the ancient sea hot spring at your own expense, and then return to Urumqi, ending the pleasant journey of cocoa Tuo sea.



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